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Rotterdam Business School - ECWO

Embodied networking - The importance of caring for our relations holistically

> Natural #living #systems are vibrant. #networks are systems, they should be living and vibrant. We can use our body wisdom to enliven our relations. This can change the way we relate across diversity and inclusion markers.

> Building on the 12 common human body systems - a highly diverse and inclusive systems of systems - we gonna do a thought experiment. It should help us realise the key role our bodies could play in making networking around what matters for us #systemic, #generative, and #sustainable.

> The masterclass will be spiced with #mindfulness mini acupressure points to make the exploration experiential. Looking forward to this new format. Thank you Hanneke Takkenberg and Dorothy Grandia for being intrigued and willing to ride the beam of light. Curious what will emerge.

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