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Building on the work of

We have been developing a framework to bring in the foreground the inner dimensions of leadership. 

We see indispensable that the challenges of our time are addressed not only as external burdens but also as opportunities to shift our individual and collective consciousness to new levels of maturity. 

To enable a 360° transformation, taking care of our inner development is key so change is not short lived and does not equate to 'transformation washing' as we see 'green washing' or other feel good approaches which only mask uncomfortable truths. 

When the IDGs were published on 29 April 2022, we immediately saw the merit in mobilising the framework created by a consortium of renown entities from Sweden and the US with no less than think-makers from Harvard, MIT Sloan School of Management, Stockholm School of Economics, Lund University, etc. 

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Sustainability - 3 sets of goals

At this juncture, our contribution to the IDGs is to

  • detect and fill some missing links between ESGs, SDGs, and IDGs;

  • create a database of powerful questions for each of the 23 IDGs competencies sharing 69 in the card deck;

  • imagine practical formats (coaching, intravision, self-coaching, assessment, etc) to learn and grow to practice the IDGs; and

  • design a physical and a digital card deck in different languages to support roles e.g. coach, facilitator, manager, trainer, leader to access conveniently a set of actionable questions to have lively and experiential conversations.

It is our intention to promote the further development of inner leadership qualities as key building block to be life centric and help care for the people, the planet and prosperity

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Anatomy of a coaching card

The basic principle is that each of the 23 competencies of the Inner Development Goal framework is paired is three questions. 

The first question is meant to open the conversation, the second question should bring the conversation to deeper levels of self-reflection; and the third quesiton invites to take action.

Many of us are fully qualified coaches and we believe that the questions we have conceived with these ccards are rather unusual coaching questions. They prompt to more core identity aspects and demand a time of introspection to be answered. 

Our use of it with the last year has proven impactful and we are now writing an in depth manual explaining where the questions come from, how they can be further deepen and also how to journal one's journey into the IDGs. 


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