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IDGs Community of Practice

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We learn, explore, practice together, and with interested counterparts.

We apply the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) in our respective ecosystems and share our insights and learning to continuously develop our mastery.

We are a cross-cultural and cross-industry community of practice.


We share the awareness that reinventing leadership require us all to turn our attention to the space within ourselves.

We have taken the opportunity of the publication of the Inner Development Goals to publicise our uninterrupted two decades of work in this domain. 


This page is for inspiration and ambassadorship purposes. Contact anyone of us via LinkedIN if you are interested to know more.

Our Approach and Vision

We are professionals from various walks of life:
lawyers, project managers, professors, coaches, managers, HR professionals. 

We share many values and respect a lot each others' work. We embody a pluridisciplinary and open innovation mindset.

Together, we feel responsible to support others.

This might be our peers, clients, students, and any other stakeholders seeking to actively care for their own inner development.

Even if imperfect and at risk of green washing, we are committed to actively support 

the ESGs, SDGs and IDGs with our micro actions.

Meet The Core Community

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