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We research and share our reflections about the relation between human and AI. A complex set of interactions made of strong polarities: love-hate, hope-despair, trust-risk, truth-fake, survival-thriving. The cultural, psychological, philosophical and ethical aspects are 'make or break' for transforming knowledge-based professions. The latest development with chatGPT4 has only intensified the need for shaping a constructive dialogue space in relation to all these aspects. It takes to team up at collective level and multilaterally across continents to grow working hypothesis to ensure we can live up to the principle of Tech for Good. 


Sustainable - Life Centric

While technology is key, we see see as an imperative to make sustainability a central aspect of any endeavour, personal, business and societal. Time is now to shift our attention, intention, and actions to honour the Living in and around us. Overarching goal: people, processes, results, and planet are taking each other into account for their respective and mutual benefits. We see leadership inner development as crucial (missing) piece and support the Inner Development Goals initiative to this end. 

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Legal technology

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Since 2018, we have been working actively on shaping the evolution of the way legal professionals think about their work and practice their professions. We have developed  an approach called 'EASE legal' and mapping tools, processes, competencies to actively  help the transformation of our legal ecosystems, our relation to legal knowledge management, legal data. We promote a more interactive access to legal frameworks using legal data visualization. As member of the Liquid Legal Institute e.V., we have contributed to grow a more data driven legal operations mindset  (legal KPI project) and also to the introduction of the second edition of the Digi Guide and to also to the White Paper on Lawyer Well-being



mind FULL or mindful ? Strolling through life walking in your head or stepping out of your head into your life? That is the question. Mindfulness has become a street name for self-care, mental name, inner development, stress management, etc. We practice and teach it for more than 20 years and it is an integral part of our work. We cannot imagine any personal, organisational or societal developments without caring for being mindful of our options, decisions and impact, on ourselves, other beings and the planet. Example: accepting or not blindly cookies when visiting websites.

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Knowledge visualization

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1) The visual processing of information in our brains has been modelled to develop artificial intelligence.

2) Our visual cortex is said to use the biggest part of the energy used by the brain.

3) We can choose not to read but we cannot deselect seeing if our eyes are fit and opened. 
Building on three decades of experience in using knowledge visualization for learning, for coaching, for facilitating knowledge sharing, we integrate visual tools in most of our projects. 

The example on display is an academic research project using storyboarding for data analysis purposes.


Photographs drives engagement and feed our emotions beyond imagination. Caring for the visual messages passed when choosing photographs to attract attention to a particular topic should not be act of decoration as it is far too often. We should truly care for using visual communication to educate and propagate useful knowledge. Among the many examples, taking green finance for a start, it is important that we grow our critical thinking muscles and learn to care and choose visual that propagate anti-factual truth. Using plastic green leaves in a jar of poured coins to speak of greening the finance is an archetypal example of self-deception. 

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Collective intelligence can be defined as the phenomena through which a group of people mobilise and combine their knowledge and expertise to have an impact that non of the subpart alone could have. Observing for four decades human interactions and seeing the challenges we face, it appears we have not found obvious ways to activate with method and results the coming together of minds and hearts. A collective which acknowledge individualities and know how to mobilise them to transcends egos and be avail to serve together something significant is a central themes. Using means to think and make together is a crucial skill set in current times.


Science communication

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We need to care to bring together experts, economic and political actors and citizens if we want to keep growing the very texture of what makes a society coherent, united and empowered to tap its potential and address the challenges of our time. Science communication is meant to ensure that relevant data, information and knowledge are readily accessible and understandable by all having a stake. Academics produce gems which are not so easely accessible for citizens or politicians. Politicians are busy with other aspects. Citizens are often only 'told'. Without a multi-stakeholder engagement dynamic, more antagonism risk to grow and create useless obstacles to social peace.


Paradigms and Methodologies

No intention to summarise all the methodologies, toolboxes and other know-how we mobilise, yet one central axis is the use of value-based transformation building on Spiral Dynamics. We use the 'emerging future' generative mindset at the heart of Theory U. The central value proposition is to include and transcend what we have achieved and allow the new to emerge. The working hypothesis is that the impact of our actions is a factor of the inner condition of the leaders and of the clarity of their intention.  

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