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Speaking engagements

Z - Legal Revolution - May 2023

Closing panel with Mark Cohen, Martina Seidl, Dierk Schindler and Roger Strathausen

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St Gallen University - Law and Economics Foundation

Alps Forum 2021, 2022 (2023 up coming)

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Singularity University - Frankfurt Chapter

A power trio: Mindfulness - Planet Mars - Life Long Learning

SKEMA Introducing mindfulness

Mindfulness - Team leadership - Sustainability

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SKEMA Business School

Research project kick off - Oct. 2022 (More in 2023)

Rotterdam Business School - ECWO

Embodied networking - The importance of caring for our relations holistically

Karlstad University Sweden - Reinventing Leadership

A modular course to deep dive in the intricacies of leadership and human interactions

EU Office of Publication Annual Conferences

Bringing lawyers to see the value of data analysis and knowledge visualization

Bucerius Law School - Legal tech essentials

2021, 2022 (2023 up coming) Summer school bringing various dimensions of the technological revolution in the legal sector

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