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Dr. Valérie M. Saintot, LL.M. is a lawyer, adjunct professor in leadership, organisational performance, and mindfulness.

Dr. Valérie M. Saintot, LL.M., has experience in the private and public sectors. She holds four postgraduate degrees: in law, psychology and management research.


She began her career in 1994 at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg; she worked as a lawyer in Luxembourg; She joined the European Central Bank in 1999 and worked there for most of her career. She worked as a legal adviser and most recently as Head of the Legislation Division in the Directorate General Legal Services of the ECB.


She has held various management positions in the areas of organizational development, HR, financial controlling, and communication with citizens.


Valérie currently focuses on research and teaching (Organizational Performance, Leadership, Legal Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Mindfulness). She promotes the use of data visualization, information and knowledge to bring together experts and non-experts interested in new technologies.


She is the author of articles on the impact of new technologies on the legal profession, on ways to reinvent leadership and personal development, and education in AI age.


Dr. Saintot has a multidisciplinary approach. Her conferences in French, English or German cover #AI, legal tech, sustainability, leadership, new ways of learning, and mindfulness. Her methods of analysis draw on philosophy, anthropology, and ethnography to shed light on the questions she examines.

Valérie uses design thinking, knowledge visualization and visual communication based approaches to support individual and group processes as a manager, executive, teacher, trainer, coach, facilitator and international speaker.


Digital transformation, AI, legal technology, sustainability, democracy, citizen engament, personal development, mindfulness and leadership are intertwining to inspire her work.

Inner Development


Dr Saintot's publications are mainly opinion pieces written as expert practitioner and/or educated citizen.


She builds on her extensive experience and life long learning as independent researcher. She shares the results of the inquiries she has confronted with others in experts fora.


She aims at embodying science communication principles in social sciences and display an inquiry mindset, using plain language and visual based explanations to share my insights

Her two golden questions are:

- what is reality made of?

- how do I know what (I believe) I know? 

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