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SKEMA Business School

Research project kick off - Oct. 2022 (More in 2023)

We have set to research which skill mix are best to face the six mega trends of our times:
(Principal researchers - Paul Gardiner, PhD, Desmond Mc Getrick, PhD, Valérie M. Saintot, PhD)

TREND 1 - The need to work under greater uncertainties than ever before due to pandemics, geopolitical unrest, isolation, virtual-hybrid team contexts, chronic organizational change, and new business models.
(Cappella, 2020; Finn et al, 2020).

TREND 2 - The need to be able to adapt at speed with agility and responsiveness.
(McKinsey, 2015; Sivaraman and Raczka, 2017; Thiry, 2015).

TREND 3 - Competencies for a sustainable future: the need to innovate new working methods, products, and services with a sustainable and ethical mindset. (Armenia et al, 2019; Geissdoerfer et al, 2018; Tharp, 2012).

TREND 4 - A growing need to learn effectively: inclusive project society, building alliances, community development/movement building. (Boser, 2018; Eltigani et al, 2020; KPMG, 2020; Nichol, 2011).

TREND 5 - A willingness to engage in transformation everywhere aided by digital and AI technologies.         
(Brockcand Von Wangenheim, 2019; Giraud et al, 2021; Quade et al, 2022).

TREND 6 - A growing need to be able to self-manage, stay well (body, mind, and spirit) and act with confidence. (Barnett et al, 2007; Ferraro, 2007; Neal and Harpham, 2017).

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